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Meet Dr. Neni Shriver - Cosmetic and General Dentist

Dr. Neni Shriver

Dr.Neni Shriver runs a patient-centered cosmetic and family dentistry office that constantly revolves around your comfort and care. Dr.Shriver has an excellent team, plus the education and experience necessary to qualify her as a premier cosmetic dentist.

Dr.Shriver maintains a steadfast commitment to continually increase her knowledge and to deliver the highest quality of personalized care to each of her many patients. Dr.Shriver's goal is to help each of her patients achieve optimal dental health and a smile they can be proud of.

Those looking for a great La Jolla cosmetic dentist will find Dr.Shriver's dental office to be relaxing and calming. Advanced equipment, soothing analgesics and a welcoming, professional staff make each visit as stress- free as possible. Dr.Shriver and her team build a solid relationship with each patient, taking the time to explain each dental option available to them and delivering comprehensive care. Dr. Shriver also offers the option for Non-IV Oral Conscious Sedation.

"I believe in taking time to understand each of my patient's needs and circumstances. My goal is to educate them on the wide variety of treatments and options available and provide them with the best of today's new choises so they can achieve the smile of their dreams, and a life time of dental health."

-- La Jolla, CA Cosmetic dentist, Neni Shriver, DDS.

Awards and Advanced education

  • California Implant Institute, One year fellowship program
  • Los Angeles Institute of Clinical Dentistry "Supra Gingiva Restorations"
  • University of Southern California "Comprehensive Periodontal Surgery, Advanced training in Functional and Esthetic Soft Tissue Procedures"
  • University of California Los Angeles "Advanced Anterior Esthetics"
  • University of California Los Angeles "Fundamentals of Fixed Proshtodontics / Operative Dentistry"
  • Loma Linda University "Endodontics"

Graduated from a top dental school of Indonesia University, the best in the country and have been practicing Dentistry since 1998.

Languages Spoken

English , Indonesia, Spanish